Doubt regarding components to use in project

Hello, we wanted to use 6 DC motors in our project. But we are not able to find any suitable drivers like most of them are using L293D and L298N for driving DC motors which are limited to 4 DC motors. As I'm new to using Arduino, can someone guide me in using 6 DC motors like Johnson motors of high torque?
Thank you.

Post a spec sheet, pic, or link.

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Use 2 controllers!

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Pololu has a great line of motor drivers that are vastly superior to any L293 or L298 based drivers.

Choose a motor driver based on motor supply voltage and stall current.

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If you don’t need to reverse the motors you could just switch them with a transistor

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I would be needing to reverse it too.

But those are limited to 4 motors only right? We need to drive 6 of them.

Like L293d and L298N together? If yes, then should i connect them in same way/ports in arduino as we would connect a single controller?

How good are you at making things?
Are you looking for a module that's ready-to-go, just add wires?

Hi, @sav1our
Your better choice of driver would be MOSFET type like this;

To control forwards and backwards you will need a FULL H-Bridge controller.

What is your project?
Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks.. Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

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No, we are making it from scratch. Actually I'm from mechanical background so such micro controllers are our kind of weak point. So we dont have any idea about this. We are in the process to learn arduino.

Are you assuming all 6 motors will turn at the same speed without any feedback from the output shaft?

Yes, we will be having same speed at all of the output shafts.

Not unless you are able to monitor and control that speed.


Hey thanks Tom for showing interest in our project!!
We are using rocker boggie mechanism in our project so we need 6 motors to drive all the 6 wheels. So for that we are not able to figure out how and what drivers to use with arduino. Also if we use multiple drivers then how to interface them. We know basic programming using C and Python. And we are new to microcontrollers.
I have mentioned the specs above in the thread. Could you please help me in selecting the drivers?

I do not see where the motor stall current is specified. That needs to be known before a motor driver can be chosen.

Pololu motor drivers.

It is 299 mA

That is the stall current? Where did you get that figure. Seems low.

Is this your motor?
Or this one?
Both of those motors draw 9.5A max.