Doubts about microSd Libelium module

I am developing my own shield which will include pins to connect the libellium microSd module.

However, i have a doubt about the pins that it uses. In the SDuFat library developed by arduino Team i found this:

// arduino D10

define SS 2

// arduino D11

define MOSI 3

// arduino D12

define MISO 4

// arduino D13

define SCK 5

what is something that i can read everywhere in this forum.

Moreover, by the use of SPI configuration, the module is connected to 8-14 digital pins with the next functions...

8: power 10: SS 11: MOSI 12: MISO 13: SCK 14: GND

So... what if digital pin 9 for?

The module was also designed to be powered by ICSP, but in this case it only use 6 pins...

For that reason, i assume that when the module is connected by ISP mode (8-14 digital pins) pin 9 in not used at all by the module... could somebody confirm this?


[edit]I forget to say that this pin is labeled in the module such as "CD". A hole with the same label also exist in ICSP connexion, bu it is not connected at all... So, could i forget this pin and win one digital pin to connect other devices?. Thanks![/edit]