Doubts with PWM timer

Hello friends,

I have a question to the PWM timer. I saw that by changing the frequency of the PWM, it Affects millis () and delay ().

This link explains the whole process of changing the frequency: Arduino Playground - TimerPWMCheatsheet

However, he explains just how will change the delay and millis for TCCR0B register.

What do I need to know is the equivalence of delay and millis in case of changing TCCR1B register to 0x01. On the site does not explain right.

For example:
-to 0x01 in TCCR0B recorder you have:
0x01: delay (64000) 64000 or millis () ~ 1 second
-to 0x01 in TCCR1B recorder you have:
0x01: delay (xxxxx) or xxxxx millis () ~ 1 second

So how much is "xxxxx"?

Sorry for my bad English.

Thanks !!!

Not sure if this is relevant, but that link also says:

Pins 5 and 6: controlled by Timer 0 in fast PWM mode (cycle length = 256)

Pins 9 and 10: controlled by timer 1 in phase-correct PWM mode (cycle length = 510)