Download all sketch files, including libs

Suppose I have a sketch on the arduino cloud, with #include ( #include <Servo.h> in this case )

I would like to download all files included in this sketch, including the #include files, to have a full stable project files.

How can I do that?

Currently you still need to perform at least two different downloads.

One for your sketch and one for the library.

An alternative would be to try include the lib in extra tabs which should force a complete download but I have not yet tried that method.

See here for a possible example

The proper export function looks to be a stub currently.

Is there a way to download the lib that the compiler selected?
Or should I look for the selected library version and search myself?

Also, sometimes libraries have their own #include statements, so downloading only the one I include is not enough to have all sources in hand. Any solution for that?

Hi @yigalb,
the feature you are talking about is in our plans, but it's not available yet

Hi @yigalb,
the feature you are talking about is in our plans, but it’s not available yet

Thank you.
I wouldn’t classify that as urgent task, but it is certainly a nice to have in order to have a good stable flow of project documentation and back up.