download and upload a config file with ethernet shield

Hi, i searched for this but can't find an answer/demo

I have a project with an arduino and ethernet shield, i can successfully save the configuration on eeprom, reload it on restart, and revert to a "default state" during setup() if needed (i have a structure with multiple data types inside).

Now it would be great to be able to save the configuration locally on the browser, and upload it if needed, this would be great to ensure a minimum downtime if the arduino fries.

I'm not skilled with html and uploading downloading files.

Anyone has some advice on where to start?


What configuration? If you mean the ethernet network configuration, you really need that before you can download anything. I save my configuration on a SD card. If the Arduino fails, remove the SD card and put it in the new Arduino. Just a thought...

I mean various settings, sure the ip (i have a default ip hardwired if another is not specified), specifically in the structure i have 4 phone numbers (i have a gsm shield) various alarm configurations, default trigger values ecc ecc ecc, i surely can use an sd card, but it may ne useful to have it in EEPROM since the struct is small (i think 300 bytes or less, i can’t remember) and not having the sd means not to load the sd library (more free ram and sketch size) and not having another fault point.