Download "Arduino Projects Book"?

I am very excited at having received my "Arduino Starter Kit" today, but I'm so disappointed in the "Arduino Projects Book" which is supposed to introduce me to Arduino (I know nothing about it), because the print is so small and faint that I can hardly read it (72-year-old eyes). The guide on the website is nothing like the book. Can I download this book somewhere? I would like to print it in proper legible black letters on white paper so that I can read the instructions.
Thank you.

This has been asked before and the general consensus is that you can't. Reasons being that it is not available and copyright concerns.


Thanks for the reply. Not very considerate of them, is it?

You may be able to blow up the pages on a photocopier.


I suggest use a different book or different tutorials to get going.

I liked this book from my local library, which was available in printed form only, but it was readable:

And there are a bunch of stuff online, here are some to get started:

If you don't have every part you need in the starter kit, round out your kit by ordering the missing pieces online, such as from eBay. If you are not sure what part to order for a particular project, ask us for advice in the hardware or project guidance forum.

I learn a lot from browsing the forum here. Jump right in as soon as you can and start responding to questions others ask, if you think you know the answer. You learn way more than you think from answering questions and watching problems being resolved.

I suggest order at least one more Arduino, such as a clone Nano or Pro Micro (ATmega32U4-based miniature Leonardo board) from eBay, so you can learn about connecting Arduinos together, emulating mouse or keyboard, loading different drivers for different boards, and burning bootloaders. These are advanced topics which you may get to after a month or two. I think it is a good idea to have more than just one Arduino.