download  file on  arduino to get it serial

hi all
i need your help quiqly ,
i need to download a video file on the arduino demulvino to get it in serial format ( convert its format from ethernet to serial)but i cannot write the correctly code
since i want to enter the file in another circuit i want it to be serial and so iwant my arduino to do ethernet-serial converter.
i dont know to get the file from the pc to the arduino.
please any one can help me??????????????

Could you explain a bit more ?

What do you mean by:

"download a video file on the arduino demulvino"

Are you actually planning to send a video file from the PC to Arduino ?

Arduino has about 4KB memory, so it has to be the shortest video in the world :slight_smile:

thanks alot for replay
i dont want to send the video to the arduino but i want the arduino to convert the file to serial.
i want the arduino to be an ethernet to serial converter without store it.
and i need help in the code.

What code have you got so far?

i just try to download the client and the server examples in the sketch.
i know i need another code but actually my experince in programming is very poor and so i asked for help.