Download file to SD card using login ?


I have a ip camera that I need to get a picture from and save to the SD card ( I know it slow but I really want to do this)

The link to the picture is "http://username:password@" and that result in a jpeg image On a linux computer you just run wget -O /tmp/picture.jpg http://username:password@

How can I do this and save the picture to the SD card?

On a linux computer you just

have some hardware, like ethernet card, that can connect to the internet. On the Arduino YOU have?

If you have an ethernet shield, you can run the web client example, changing the server and the GET command. The server will respond with some response. Some of that response needs to be saved to the file on the SD card.

If you don't, you are SOL.

it took 2 minutes to downlaod the image :(

So I just calling a cgi script on another machine