Download IDE for Arduino


I wanted to download the IDE program a new version, clicking to pay the contribution ... I chose to pay PayPal and paid ....... but nothing happened? did not offer to download the program. The amount was withdrawn from my PayPal account .... Transaction ID: 3X5901701W548341B ...
Will I be able to download IDE?
Thank you in advance for the link to download your product.

Peter , Birdeye

Thanks so much for your donation!

Please try downloading the IDE again, but this time click the "Just Download" link instead of the "Contribute & Download" button.


Thank you for your reply, I did it ... It's OK ... I have installed the program .....
But the interesting thing is that immediately after the first launch he told me that a new version is available. Or what downloaded was the old version? It only offered one option ... directly downloaded.


Did you use the app version of the Arduino IDE from the Microsoft Store? For some reason, Arduino never released version 1.8.10 of the Arduino IDE to the Microsoft Store. So when you install the IDE from the Microsoft Store you get Arduino IDE 1.8.9, but then the IDE does a check for a new version and sees that 1.8.10 is available. But it's only available in the non-App version of the IDE:

If you want to use Arduino IDE 1.8.10, you can get it by clicking either the "Windows Installer, for Windows XP and up" or the "Windows ZIP file for non admin install" links on the download page.