download site not working

The site for downloading Arduino seems to be out of order. I really want to take a look at Artduino, but I'm not confident about my skills to built from source - could anyone direct me to a tutorial on how to do it using xcode?

Argh, we really need a more reliable web host. Sorry about that.

You can download Arduino here: though I'm not sure it's the same as the official 0003 release.

To build using Xcode, you should just need to open the project, set the active project to "Application" and hit "Build and Go", but I don't know that it's been tested on anyone else's machine.

Thanks Mellis, downloading now.

Which part of the SVC thing do I download? The whole thing, or just one of the folders?

SVN, you mean? You only need the trunk/ folder: svn co svn://

This will put everything in a folder called "trunk" in your current directory. Feel free to rename it to something more meaningful, like "Arduino"; you'll still be able to build everything and update to newer version of the source.