Downloading 1.6.3

Hi, Whats the secret to downloading v1.6.3? I have tried at various times of the day and with various browsers. Every time I get a "site temporarily unavailable" message. Very excited to start using this! (Even donated!) Please help. Thanks!

What operating system are you wanting the IDE for and for what model of Arduino (UNO, MEGA etc)

I just downloaded the installer & zip versions for Windows without problem.

Download works fine here, just checked it

1.6.4, no, 3 was released today. Perhaps you tried while the page was being updated.

[edit]Sorry, i didn't check the actual version number that was just installed (so download went OK here too, without donating this time) Someone told me that 1.6.4 was released, and after starting the IDE, it told me a new version was available indeed. So i decided to install that. But the installed version reports 1.6.3. And btw: the striketrhough bbc doesn't seem to work anymore it does, but not for a single character[/edit]

As it happens while trying to download the IDE 1.6.3 or 1.6.4 out now that the page is not available the most rare is a friend if you can download it without problem

1.6.3 & 4 download mirror: