Downloading Arduino software on Windows Vista

Ok, so i have been trying to upload the software for Arduino on my Computer, which is Windows Vista. I followed the guide, but when i clicked Device manager, and browsed for the Arduino software, it wasn't there. the only things that showed up were folders and subfolders. i tried using the folder that the Arduino software is in, but it didnt work. Any help?

Did you plug you Arduino in the the USB?

I run Win Vista also. After the install, I make a shortcut to C:\Arduino-1.0.1\arduino.exe on my Start Menu. The IDE does not show up in the start menu normally that I can find, and I have -0021, 22, 23, 1.0 and 1.0.1 installed.

i have my arduino connected to my computer with an A/B cable. I tried making a shortcut to the files, but the shortcut doesnt show up when i go to device manager and try to update driver software. again, the only things available for me to choose are folders and subfolders. does it make a difference that my files are in a WinRAR evaluation copy?

Why are you looking in Device Manager? That is not where the programs are located.

i went into the device manager to go to the Uno program to update software. thats what the guide on troubleshooting says... but i managed to fix the problem. i copied the folder"drivers" and pasted it as a folder in the start menu. it showed up when i tried to update driver software, and it just worked. Thanks though for the advice

Ah. Guess it's been a while since I updated any drivers, didn't understand what you were getting at.