Downloading sketch when BT connected to RX/TX pins

I think I know the answer to this, but wanted to know if anyone has any tricks around this one. I have a project with a Bluetooth module hooked up to TX/RX pins on my Nano. Each time I want to download a sketch, I have to remove the TX pin or power down the BT device. Other than doing this / removing the Nano to re-program it, is there a way to bypass this? Or am I SOL. Not a big deal, but just want to see if there are creative ways around it.

You could use ICSP to program it, or connect the BT to different pins using SoftwareSerial (although note that's a lot less capable than the hardware serial UART and may not be practical to replace it). You could use a switch to isolate the serial pins from the BT device while it's being programmed.

why not just to download your sketch over BT, if You connect it by BT to Your PC. I connect it and find in ARDUINO IDE, that my Arduino UNO can be connected by com8 and com 9 ports, but when try to load it says error. But i think, there is the way to upload it by air, just must be somebody more experience.