Downloading the correct IDE?

Anyone help with this query?

I have (had) the IDE Arduino 0015 - I think, running nicely on my pc, all swimmingly and luverly, until... My hard drive decided to eat itself and I lost everything. O/S is Vista pro, Arduino is duemillenove in good cond.

PC now rebuilt, it had two HDDs so I binned the dead one and re-installed Vista pro.

Can anyone tell me, do I need to reload Arduino 0015 after rebuilding and installing Vista (can't afford new pc yet)

OR, do I download the [u]latest[/u] release of Arduino and assume (like Windows hahahahahaha) that it is backwards compatible?

Thanks in adv. McP

The latest should, for the most part, be backward compatible. I update every six months or so and my early sketches still work with #22.

Most sketches will work but we can always help out if something doesn't quite work the same.

I know that some things are not perfectly backward compatible (a sketch from 0021 didn't work on 0022 this weekend)

If you aren't using old external libraries in your sketches, there shouldn't be any issues using 0022. (Most of those should work too unless you're unlucky). I can't live without some of the refinements in the later IDE's (Tone and 4 bit LCDs without faffing with libraries to mention a couple).

The included EEPROM library has changed so the EEPROMwriteanything function doesn't compile anymore.

I stand corrected. Although the mentioned EEprom library issue is a tad obscure :wink:

I stand corrected. Although the mentioned EEprom library issue is a tad obscure

True, there are probably some more though - just haven't found them yet :D

Thanks all for the replies.

I'll attempt to reconnect one day this week. I downloaded the latest version - seems ok. Proof will come when I try running some of my 'old' sketches, I had a nice one for the blinkm max. Fingers crossed.

Thanks again.