:|My first post ever. 1. Where do I get downloads of schetches from MakerShack GETTING STARTED ? 2. Is this a good place for getting started questions? 3. I'm using Uno on a Win XP.

:grin: Added question: When I save a sketch, where is it saved. I use MY COMPUTER and cannot find it. Also I need to delete useless sketches or rename them.


Think question 2 should be 1 :)

1) Don't know makerShack ? but - - has some nice getting started sketches..

2) There are different sections in this forum and you better follow the different sections for a few days (say a week) to see what kind of questions are in which section. Post your question in the appropiate section. Do not crosspost the same question in different groups as that is annoying for everyone in the end.

Last but not least : in the right upper corner is a search box so you can search the forum if anybody had the same or similar questions you have. That should be the first place to start.


When I save a sketch, where is it saved. I use MY COMPUTER and cannot find it. Also I need to delete useless sketches or rename them.

If you use the Save As option you will see the folder; It is also in the FIle-> preferences menu.

Normally sketches are saved in "My Documents\Arduino\sketchname\sketchname.pde" (or ~/Documents/Arduino/sketchname/sketchname.pde on a Mac.)


Organizing your work is important and can save your skin, not to mention a lot of work if something gets trashed. A good time to be concerned about all this is with your first effort. I can acquire a bad habit in a heartbeat and have a hard time creating a good one. Here is a procedure that will work. If you don't like it, improve it, but get organized.

In Files -- Preferences , I put


for the sketchbook location and then build a directory structure in it for my projects

It will sort out to the top of C: when you look for it. Easy to find and get to

Put it right above

C:__arduino-0022 Where you install the release

Each time a new release of arduino comes out, you go through a flurry of copying libraries and looking back and forth. It is simple and handy to put

C:__arduino-0023 right below 22

In the ___projects folder are sub directories 17, 18 ----- 22 containing release-specific versions of projects. Sometimes new releases of arduino are not happy with sketches that compiled nicely under an earlier versions. This lets you keep track of what worked and when. It makes it easy to back up a version to reassure yourself that it worked once. Put a shortcut on the task bar that opens the current arduino installation directory. It seems as if I am forever poking around in the installation directory to see how a library function works or to install a library, From the installation directory convenient to click on the executable arduino file to invoke the program. A click on the up-folder button and you can see the projects folder.

Each time you get a sketch to work and then decide to change it, save it with a sequential number: bug_generator_01, bug_generator_02, bug_generator_03 .... Each time you Save As something new. leave a functional sketch behind.

There are lots of ways to backup your work. Assuming your are using a Windows machine This works like a champ, particularly if you can get Scheduled tasks to run the batch file occasionally:

xcopy C:_a_projects E:_a_projects /D /E /C /I /Y /M PAUSE

Good luck with your projects

Wow. Thanks a lot folks. This is a big help.

Remember to look in File – Examples for get-started sketches