DPDT momentary footswitch as input for MIDI controler

Hi to everyone! I am trying to build a custom MIDI footswitch that sends MIDI note on /MIDI note off commands to my synth. Everything works nicely when I use simple 2pin momentary buttons, but when I try the 6pin DPDTs nothing happens... I am not lazy, I have been trying for 8-9 hours researching the web and applying several diagrams I found but it seems that wiring properly the footswitches is out of my grasp. I would really appreciate any thoughts. Thank you

A single-pole single-throw momentary button is like 1/4 of a double-pole double-throw momentary switch. You just have to find either of the two pairs of contacts that close when you push the button and wire those exactly like the momentary pushbutton. Often these will be labeled "C" (for Common) and "N.O." (for Normally Open).

I already tried that, it seemed the proper thing to do. I opened the casing of one and the "wiring" inside it is as you say. I think that my switches are probably defective, there can be no other explanation. Thanks for the quick answer!