DPS310 Arduino

im working in dps310 pressure sensor, i tried communicating sensor with arduino nano through i2c . i used the example code from github. im getting init failed error , i tried all the examples,but same result,
can any one please support me for this kind issue, i think i cannot communicate through i2c , might be harware connection wrong, so please guide me for this ,,,

im working in dps310 pressure sensor

You have NOT posted a link to this device.
You have NOT posted a schematic showing how you wired it.

Have you tried the I2C scanner sketch, to see if the device is at least connected correctly?

This sensor I suppose? (posting links to the sensor you use is so yesterday indeed).

Then looking at the sensor I may assume you're using it on a breakout board - I doubt you can handle QFN packages. What breakout board? Is it wired for I2C or SPI output?

Arduino Nano is that 5V? If so do you have a level shifter/regulator between your Nano and the sensor? It is rated for 1.7-3.6V, absolute maximum 4V. Applying 5V may destroy it.