Draft messages 15

OK I have now lost two drafts between my iPad and the desktop. I may be doing something wrong, I mention it in case it is happening to you too. I am still finding dark corners with hidden features so.

Also, it appears that I cannot respond to a thread for which I have drafted a response without either starting with the draft or throwing it away.

In order to achieve the old functions of drafting, I would have to

A. select continue with the draft.
B. Copy and delete the draft message.
C. Craft and post a new message.
D. Make a new draft with the saved text from B.

Or say it and manage my own half-thoughts independent of the tools provided in the forum.

And I see on half the page to the right here my topic is similar to… draft messages, where can I see them? (The X on that half brings back the live WYSIWYG rendered text.)

So far, the only time I see a draft message is when I go to make a new post and am offered to continue.

So maybe my drafts aren't lost; if only I could remember what thread(s) they were for. :wink:


You can access your drafts by doing this:

  1. Click your avatar at top right corner of website.
  2. Click the silhouette tab ("preferences").
  3. From the menu, select "Drafts".

THX. That's the same odd place they were in the old times. Less than intuitive IMO but I should have looked there.

Only thing is about 73% of the time I do not see my avatar at the top right. It looks like an error with Safari, which (it is said) could be fixed by upgrading, which would throw me a world of pain as it appears it would involve an OSX update (not gonna happen).

Or use Firefox, which seems to work better.

But it would be my hope that someone figures out a better answer than updating the web browser.

It is conceivable that some new twist or feature is being exploited by Discord but seems more likely to be something that could be corrected to re-enfranchise users of older (not that old, srsly!) versions who may all have their own reasons to resist updating.


A later version of Safari (13.1.2) helped me, but I didn't have to go through an O/S update to get it. I think I would need that upgrade if I wanted version 14, but my Mac's too old for that to be permissible anyway.


I'll look again and around a bit, I saw some updates for a few apps but Safari was not amongst them, neither, however, was an offer for the new OS… which seemed odd. Not like they gonna figure out I don't want to be offered a new OS!


Another drafts question:

It looks like I needn't have worried about how to find my drafts, as Discord seems to very aggressively helpfully pop up a draft for a thread if I have one.

If I leave that thread, the draft editing window remains and must be dismissed. It should just go away when I am no longer viewing that thread (leave the page).

Also: it looks like only one draft per thread can be remembered. It may sound odd, but I have more than once wanted to make an alternate draft for the same message, can't. It is 2021, no?

So I am back to managing my own drafts in a text editing window from without the browser.

I am giving cut and paste quite a workout juggling text whilst composing responses.


Hmmm. Doesn't work that way for me. I got there via Activity

Which step do my instructions break at?

They do work....now. I swear I could not get there before that way.


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