Drafts and replies

  1. A draft message will pop up when you want to reply and have one (draft) with, well OK, sort of.

But it should go away when you leave the page.

  1. It looks like only one draft PM is available at a time. This seems underpowered, lame.

And now I'm in the middle drafting a new topic… let's see…

yup, only can have my mind on one new topic at a time draft wise.

It's 2021 folks, we all accustomed to juggling multiple drafts and versions and topics, please let us do here.

I have forgotten but it seems the old system allowed multiple drafts to exist simultaneously be they replies, new topics or PMs.


I really like having the draft stick around. I can go and look for other message to quote, even if they are in other topics. That used to take at least two browser windows....

Yes. And whatever led me to claim

cannot be duplicated, so probably I was all jazzed up at the time and didn’t experiment carefully, so never mind.

As for

I guess having had no windows for a good part of my life I am willing to go a bit crazy; last time I shut down the big rig it took an hour I musta had 75 windows from 17 apps going, lotta remainders about things I had been up to but moved along from. Which.

I’d still be happier having the draft go away when I leave the thread; it’s always offered when I hit reply button If I had but one thing to fix about these fora, that mightn’t be it.


Nevertheless, I've lost some significant amount of content I was writing (to the point where I've given up and decided not to say anything) by accidentally opening some other related link from the tab where I was preparing a reply (instead of the separate tab/window like I meant to use) (using the old forum software, or several other forums that behave similarly.)

This "draft sticks around until you post or delete it" seems like a good thing. (Quora does something similar, and I like that too!)

I don’t mean they shouldn’t stick around. I too have lost stuff in the shuffle here and there. No great loss, but annoying.

And discord seems good at remembering partial thoughts in drafts - I just don’t like how it pops up a draft, for example, when I return to a thread where I’ve put something aside for later (or never, write lots more than post, haha) and am not there to continue writing… when I want to continue with my draft it should come back when I hit Reply, not before, not automatically when I enter the page.

Like it did just now, haha. I tested/confirmed that just now. So aggressive. Mostly here now when I am strukkling with the additional challenge of doing this on a tablet device.

But like I said, not the most important banana in the bunch.


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