Dragino Lora Shield. How to use sensors MQ-3

Hello, I am new to arduino and lora technology and i have dragino lorashield for arduino Uno and dragino gateway. I have also MQ-3 gas sensor and I want to detect the alcohol value and to send it to the gateway using the lorashield after that the gateway should send the data to ThingSpeak platform.
Currently the code for my MQ-3 sensor is as below. I would like to ask you for some help as I dont know how to write the code for the dragino and to send it to the gateway. Thanks in advance!
The MQ-3 code is from here

The code is working fine when I am using only the arduino. How do I modify it to use lora and to send the data to the gateway?

Do You have programming experience in other environments?

Well it might well depend on exactly which Dragino gateway you are using, but Dragino do have a Wiki where they provide examples for the use of their products, that might be a good place to start ..........

This question has also been asked over in the The Things Network 9TTN) forums.

So can you confirm if you are intending to use TTN ?