Dragino Yun shield and running cgi scripts

I’m trying to run cgi scripts from a web browser so I can plot RRD files.

I placed a simple program into the cgi-bin directory and try to run it from the web browser by typing;

It gives me the following error;
Unable to launch the requested CGI program:
/www/cgi-bin/rrd.cgi: No such file or directory

I can see that the luci cgi script is in the directory and it can run. I’ve made the rrd.cgi executable.

Below is the script I’m trying to run. rrdcgi is in the bin directory and I a know how to produce the png files with rrdtool and display them on a web page but I’d rather have the cgi options so I can change the time range on the web page that I want to view.

Is this some other permissions issue?


Temperature Data

Welcome, Temperature Data

<RRD::GRAPH /mnt/sda1/arduino/www/Data.png --width=780 --height 240 --slope-mode --start -3d --end now --vertical-label "Temperature (°F)" DEF:Temp1_01=/mnt/sda1/arduino/Data/TempData.rrd:Temp1_01:MAX LINE1:Temp1_01#30fc30:"Temp1_01"

Why is your question here?

This is a web server question. Try asking your question at one of those forums.