Dragonfly Home Monitoring Shield on Kickstarter.

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to let people know about a Kickstarter campaign I'm going to be launching on Tuesday, Oct 18th. It's called the Dragonfly Home Monitoring Shield. It's an arduino-compatible shield with built in sensors and room to add a few more. It has sensors for visible light, infra-red, temperature, humidity, smoke, and natural gas. There is a header to accept a motion detector as well. I have mine paired with a WiFi shield so I can get messages if a sensor passes a threshold I've set in the code (which will be open source). Tell anyone you think might be interested, and thank you for any support you provide.


umm... might be a bit more fruitful if you posted this AFTER the kickstarter was launched.. so you could provide a URL for people to click on?

As of now.. its nothing but an 'idea' that you hope people remember about and go 'searching' kickstarter for.

good luck.