Draw-wire sensor WPS-5000-MK88 - CR - I


I would like to read out a wire sensor with my arduino to measure distances.
I have a WPS-5000-MK88 - CR - I from micro-epsilon.
It has three wires:
White = supply
Brown = grd
Black = Signal

This is meant for a plc, is this possible with an arduino?

Thank you in advance!

Yes. Look for examples of reading 4-20 mA sensors. I think you use a resistor to change the current output to a voltage output which the Arduino can read with an analog input.

in the manual at HERE, section 4.4 onwards - explains the pulse or analog output signals from the various versions of the device.l

A microcontroller shouldn’t have any problem with the right code needed for your application.

Which Arduino? What kind of resolution do you need, 1mm, 0.1mm?
What update speed, 1 second, .01 seconds?

I am working with an Arduino UNO R3. The desired resolution is 1 mm with an update rate of 0.1 seconds.

If 20mA = 5000mm, the Arduino 10 bit ADC (0 to 1023 counts) will only get a resolution of 4.89mm per count. You need an external, 16 bit ADC module like ADS1115 (65535 counts), and choose a load resistor that would give an ADC count of 62500 at 20mA. Update time of 100ms should be doable.

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