Drawdio with arduino?

hi everybody im new at electronics.i made couple of projects with arduino.but still im not good at electronics. anyway the mainpoint is:is it possible to make something like drawdio [u]easily[/u] with arduino?i mean can i make it with no circuits but arduino. is there any code to do this? here is drawdio homepage:http://web.media.mit.edu/~silver/drawdio/

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I would say that it could be done with minimal parts...a few 1Mohm resistors, a speaker of course, and possibly some shielded cable?

What I would do is set up the arduino to receive input on a pin using the capsense library. You'll get differing levels of capacitance depending on what the pin touches, or how much lead is drawn.

With that, you'll take the numeric range of returned by the capsense function and output it to frequency, using any of the audio output methods that have been posted, or just banging a pin on and off with the delay between oscillations set by your input.

It will take some fussing to get a good sensitivity range, but could be a really fun project.

are there any examples about using capsense?
did i open this topic to the wrong section?

do i need capacitors for this project?

i dont understand the parts that i marked with red in picture above.

The parts in red are just the circuit equivalents of the human body. They are not real parts and are on the drawing so that some one who understands schematics can see what is going on.

I don't recommend using capacitance sensing. I recommend using resistance sensing instead. You don't need any special libraries. Just use a voltage divider going into your A/D pin. If you want you can add a buffer (op amp). That's my suggested way of getting started.

capsense is not sensing anything rather than something is being touched or not. i hope i could explain what i wanted to say

sorry for my english

No capsense is sensing how close to an object you are. It is not very good. Use the resistive methods suggested earlier.

sorry but i couldnt find any code example about resistive method? how do i code it?

You measure the resistance of the person. There should be examples of resistance
measurement on the Arduino site.

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P.S. I did an open source remix of the Drawdio. The documentation and CAD files are at http://tinyurl.com/bq8pq4