Drawing Bitmap from EEPROM?

Please forgive my english, I'm Italian and I'm still learning.
I'm using the Adafruit_SSD1306 library with Adafruit_GFX. I'd like to save some program memory, so is it possible to read a Bitmap image stored in EEPROM memory? I'd just need to write the information into the EEPROM one time, and then just read (even byte by byte) whenever I need it. Would I need to buffer the byte data someway?. As I really doubt the Adafruit_GFX library will let me do this, are there any modifications I can make to said library in order to read from EEPROM?
Any kind of help is widely appreciated, thanks! =D

That is certainly possible but in for example the Uno, EEPROM is not large (1K bytes) and does not help much.

The bitmap normally goes in program memory (as required by the GFX library), not in RAM.

That's right. Thanks for the help. I just found a solution online that requires buffering to the RAM, and uses a modified drawRamBitmap(); link: c++ - Adafruit gfx library drawBitmap without PROGMEM - Stack Overflow
But I don't have enough RAM!
So the last thing I thought about was deleting the bootloader and uploading from another board as ISP. It works but the compiler still thinks the space is being occupied by the bootloader. I see this is a common problem, I found the solution, but unfortunately I can't locate the 'hardware' directory that holds the file I have to modify (seems like the location is changing from a version to another). If you know anything about the location of this folder, it would really help!
[NEVERMIND! Apparently it was in a completely different location from what I've read online, I found it thanks to the compiler output]