Drawing pad inside a pad EAGLE


I am trying to draw the layout of a membrane switch in EAGLE. You can see the pad that i need to draw in membraneswitch.jpg . I could not figure out how to draw this component. I tried to make the outer pad regular pad and inner pad a via. However when i check the manufacturing file outer pad looks like a trace.
Any help would be very nice

Try here;

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You can just draw on the top layer with lines and rectangles. This works in the library and on the PCB.

Name them correctly and it won't even complain about overlaps.

The center part is a large SMD "round", with a small pad embedded in it.
The outer ring is a "Circle" with significant line width, drawn on the top layer with an smd (could be pad) connected by another line. Be careful to draw in the tStop layer as well, or the ring will be covered with soldermask.
This may result in DRC errors; there may or may not be a way to prevent them.

I'm pretty sure that there is something like this in the Adafruit eagle libraries (downloadable from their github) that you can use as a sample....

tmp.lbr.zip (1.07 KB)