DRC pronunciation

For design rule check, you guys all say "D. R. C.", or ever say "Darcy"?

No, just DRC here.

I didn't know the acronym needs to be spoken, to whom? Just curious.

To your boss: "Did your design pass the DRC?" "Almost, just 25,000 errors."

I have always heard "DRC".

DRC here also. ERC on the schematic. Run to make sure everything you think is connected is actually connected. Or, wiggle each part and check the rubberbanding to it. I put a Name on each signal, then when routing the board you can right click a trace and see a Name instead of N$43 and have a much better feel for the importance of that signal - does it need to be short with few vias (SPI bus SCK line), or does it rarely change (relative, of course) and can tolerate a long trace (reset, LED signals)?

liudr: I didn't know the acronym needs to be spoken, to whom? Just curious.

To other engineers.

Pronunciation is a matter of context and convention. For example

Aluminium Solder Router

Once you start pronouncing acronyms all sorts of anomalies arise, such as PIN number.

I've always pronounced it, "design rule check".


db2db: To other engineers.

I see, for someone that is not working solo :) Then I'll use the full name and go with acronym if the other person is ok with it. Makes no sense to speak of something that is not understood.

I would expect everyone who designs PCBs to be familiar with "DRC"

I would judge someone negatively if they pronounced it "darcy" (like people who pronounce mAh "ma" ), after I figured out wtf they were talking about (I don't know if I'm abnormal, but I probably wouldn't have caught on the first time they used it).

db2db: To other engineers.

Why would you want to talk to other engineers? They're always wrong - and they have the audacity to suggest that they're right, and I'm the one who's wrong! And they're so judgmental too - some will look down on you just because of how you pronounce acronyms! :-P

I would grade people similarly but with a slightly different focus: if he can make himself understood by some fellow engineers and then some general audience by using different words and explanations, I grade him high. I'm a teacher. The "getting yourself understood" quality has high value on my book.


As in going over someone’s head? 8)

I never liked 'puffs' for pF.

Why not nuffs?

liudr seemed to take drAzzy seriously.

db2db: Now you are just trolling.

KeithRB: db2db: Now you are just trolling.

Not trolling, joking.