DreamCity AVR Inspro-512 Programmer

Tindie link: Here.

This is my answer to Atmel Studio 7 killing avrdude (breaks AVRISP mkII compatibility with a firmware update) and Arduino ISP being deprecated, retaining a good feature from AVRISP mkII, introducing one sweet extra feature from PICkit.

Based on the idea of Arduino-as-ISP and since I will need an avrdude-capable ISP one for a while, I decided to build a permanent one instead of using a Proto-Shield. The board is compatible with Arduino Mini Pro but used CH340G as the USB chipset instead of the more common FT232 (since those from Shenzhen are likely to be fakes while there is no known counterfeit of CH340G) and only signals related to ISP operation are broken out. Target board is level shifted with a bidirectional level shifter that allows target voltage from 1.5V up to 60V. An optional feature (yet to be enabled) is Press-to-Program feature lifted from PICkit.