Driiver problem

I'm trying to install the version 21 driver for an Ardunio Uno with WindowsXP and I've tried everything I can think of; can anyone help me?. Forgive me for asking; I'm sure it has been posted many times, but, I'm a newbie and I don't know how to search through previous posts. Regards, Lee

You need to describe the symptoms.

Search is available in the upper-right corner.

Basically, I was following the directions in "Getting Started with Arduino" for Windows: 1) I downloaded the IDE, arduino-0021 and unzipped the files 2) I dragged the arduino-21 folder to the C:\Program Files folder 3) Connected the Uno to a usb port and the Found New Hardware Wizard came up. a) I selected "Install from a list or specific location" > Next b) Checked the box "Include this location in the search" > Browse c) And directed the wizard to the Drivers/FTDI USB Drivers folder

OK > Next 4) the book says I have to do this twice which I did but the wizard says it can't find a driver for the Uno 5) In addition, I get Arduion Uno in the Device Manager under "Other Devices" but it has the yellow question and exclamation marks. I an not able to repair the driver from the Device Manager.

I have tried uninstalling and installing the Ardunio IDE several times, re-booting, etc. I have been just going around in circles for hours. Regards, Lee

Someone else will have to help. I have no idea what to suggest.

Well you did help by showing me where to search for previous posts. Someone posted that the correct folder to point the wizard to should be the Drivers folder not the Drivers/FTDI USB Drivers folder as stated in the "Getting Started with Arduino" book. Everything works now. Thanks, Lee

I’m happy to hear it’s working!

Is this the page with the suspect instructions…

No. I didn't see those instructions and they explain why I was having problems. I was following the instructions given in Massimo Banzi's book "Getting Started with Arduino" pages 23 and 24. I assumed that those instructions would apply to the Uno but the document you pointed out shows that I was wrong. The folder for installing the drivers is different for the Uno than the other Arduinos. Regards, Lee