drill-holes on arduino yun


I want to place an Arduino yun in an custom design case. The board istself brings holes where you can place skrews but i can not finde any info about the positions of theses holes on the board. Since I use a CNC to make the bottom of the case i would need exact infos obout the position. Cound be interesting for the other boards too.

Refering on the eagle files does not give me the coordinates, or i'm not good enough to use eagle.....



If you have the Eagle files, you should be able to select each hole, open the properties, and get the X/Y coordinates.

That's assuming you have the actual board file open. If you have your own board file open, and you have a shield component on it, you won't be able to get the component's individual part details. In that case, right-click on the overall component and select "Open Package." This will open the package definition in the library editor, and now you should be able to get the properties of the individual holes. Just be sure that you don't make (or at least don't save) any changes to the package in the library.

The following should help.


Watch out that there is tight clearance between some of the screws and other components. One only just clears the the SDCard holder and one's very tight on the headers.

I used threaded rods for mine with some plastic spacers.

I had some success laser cutting drill-holes by reverse engineering the paths of the Yun's fritizing svg files.

Also found that the Yun's will fit 4-32 screws