Drilling control/command Prototype

Hello I need your advices. In Chile for one year, I'm associated with my uncle in a very little drilling company. We try to found water in the north of this country (desert). I want to develop a data logging prototype in one of our machine to facilitate our futures expeditions. The objective is to measure 4 pressures, 2 rotation speeds, one distance (0-3m), an interrupter 4 positions and one other 2 positions. Must be added 2 analog valves controlled by the values of pressure. If I go right, I need 5 analogs inputs, 3 digitals inputs (interrupters), 2 digitals inputs use for the frequency input (speed), and 2 PWM outputs to command the valves in basics conditions. After that, I want to send the data logged via GSM/GPRS from the machine to our office (may I said house). I found some existing system but the price is incredibly high (25.000 USD) and the challenge to design ourselves go right with the philosophy of our company (we design our machines ourselves) I have some questions : - I think about the Olimexino-STM32 card from Olimex for his industrial design and his CAN connection that will be useful later (motor parameters), but I didn't understand if it PWM outputs are integrated. Anyone can confirm that? - The pressure sensors have a 1-5V output signal but the distance sensor have a 4-20mA. Are they compatibles with this card ? Do I need a 4-20mA shield for the distance sensor ? (I don't buy the sensor so I can take everything in 4-20mA or search a distance sensor 1-5V.) - If I want make data logging, I need a SD card shield and a RTC shield, isn't it? Are they compatibles with other shield like 4-20mA and GSM? If you have other advices, I'll take it ! Thanks for your help Chilean Greetings