Drive 2 Stepper motors on arduino uno with X-nucleo-IHM02A1 stacked on it

Hi everyone, thanks for welcoming me here.

I started a project where I have to drive two stepper motors.

I must use an arduino Uno with a x-nucleo-ihm02a1 stacked on it.

I look all day long yesterday for tutorials, schematics, circuits diagrams and code examples.
I found tutorials of two stepper motor with ihm02a1 stacked on stm32 board.

I need somehow to also make it work with an arduino Uno.
My problem is that I don’t understand how to “translate ST code to Arduino code” .

Can someone help me to start my project please


Stepper Motor:

Hi @athos21,
I've been analyzing this module's datasheet.

It is proposed as a shield for the arduino UNO, but the programming is quite complex.

Why do you need to use this module?
Is it a homework?

RV mineirin

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Is for an extracurricular activity at my university
maybe we should just use a more suitable driver...

I've found this code online but I don't know how to fix it.

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