Drive 9v 7-segment using 5v Power Supply?

I have a 5v power supply. But I need to power a 2,6" 7 segment that need 9v for operating voltage. So my question is there a possible way I use some driver that can automatically step up my power supply voltage to 9v? Or I have to use step up circuit instead?


This might do the job:

I cannot say that it is up to the task nor do I know if your 5 volt supply is sufficient as well since you never said what current is required by the display and what current your 5 volt power supply can provide. Until you provide those values, all I can say is maybe... it will work.

You need to come up with 9V somehow. Simple way is a boost converter, and TPIC6B595 or TPIC6C595 high voltage/high current shift register to sink current from the cathodes.

How much current is needed?

tzudin: anyone?

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Provide the link to the description of the display.

Provide the link to the description of the power supply.