drive a bipolar stepper with l298, without current limiter

hi, i know this IC its for unipolar stepper,but there its a chance to drive a bipolar stepper???? or i need a h bridge to do so??

If the motor's 4-wire you can't drive it unipolar. So you can't use ULN2003 array. If its 8, 6 or 5 wire you can use unipolar drive since the middles of the windings are available.

i think i will go for the L298, but, i think my stepper its 1A, but i cant get a l297 for the current limiter...

any sugentions, maybe transistors based chopper

Any more information on the motor? What is the winding resistance? Do you want it to step fast?

its an small stepper, 37.5 ohms, it doesnt say any voltage, i will supply it with 12V, i have the l298N to drive it, but i need, the current limiter.

about how fast, i rather have power than speed, a dont care if it move to 30rpm, as long as it can deliver all the pawer he can(without getting burn)....