Driver board for NEMA17 stepper motor

I ordered a NEMA17 (42HD2037) stepper motor : specs

Plan is to connect this and a display to an Arduino nano to function as a coil winder.
So it should have a speed of about 2-3 rps and work in both directions.

What would be required to drive this?

I see some A4988 driver boards on ebay for about 1$ :


ebay_2 "Simple step and direction control interface" means what..?

Would any of these be a good option, or if not what do I need?

DRV8825 is better for high current. 1.5A is rather high for an A4988.

All stepper drivers use step and direction interface. Google will explain terms you don't understand.

Any stepper can handle slow speeds and different directions. You'll only need 12V for the supply as
you don't need much speed. (The DRV8825 needs 9V or more, but don't imagine a 9V battery can
provide enough current, it cannot - a regulated 12V 1A wall wart is probably fine.)

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