Driver can not be found

I installed the latest Arduino IDE (1.6.13) and Intel Curie Boards Library (1.0.7) on my Windows 8.1 laptop.

When I plug in Arduino 101 to my laptop, it is detected and Genuino 101 is listed under Other Devices title in Device Manager. Hardware ID is: USB\VID_8087&PID_0AB6&REV_8087 and USB\VID_8087&PID_0AB6

However, its driver can not be installed. It says: “The system can not find the file specified”.

Also, there is no suitable port for Arduino in the IDE.

I tried with different USB cables, Arduino 101s. I also tried reinstalling the IDE and different versions of the library.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions

Screenshot 2016-12-07 15.48.23.png

Hi mstfldmr, I was responding while I saw you also wrote on another thread; please do not cross post since it's really difficult to keep track of the discussion. However, it looks like you are experiencing some other problems on the USB bus (a lot of drivers not recognized or with a yellow exclamation mark). The COM5 however seems to be ok and should be listed by the IDE; if it doesn't there are bigger hardware problems on your PC. For the sake of completeness, manually remove the "GENUINO 101" entries and reboot to check if the board gets recognized by the IDE.

Did you try bypassing windows own drivers ?

Search google for use unsigned driver installation for windows 8 as win 8 does give some driver issues and not just with Arduino.

Hi Ballscrewbob,

it's a company laptop. Bitlocker is preventing me from editing Startup Settings.

Is there any other way? Are Arduino 101 drivers not signed?

As its a co lappy I would not tell you how to get around co policy. That they used BL is a good sign and does help prevent data loss in the case of theft.

Last time I had issues like that I got the IT dept to upgrade my profile. (could have done it myself but played safe).

Win 8 had a little too much security when it came to drivers. Win 10 relaxed that aspect.

Have you tried a portable installation maybe on a flash drive ?

Here is a link but you do this at your own risk !