Driver for 4,7A 'nema 23' motor

Hello arduino community,

I'm currently on my very first arduino project and I'm having troubles figuring out what stepper motor driver to use. My motor is a 2 phase hybrid type with a phase current of 4,7A. This is the aliexpress link if I left out important information:

I need a driver that is as cheap as possible that can drive this motor using Igor Campos 'CustomStepper' library. It was recommended by the guide I'm following. The whole system is going to be powered by 12V.

I'm vaguely following this guide which code needs to work: ShopSpace website

Could you kindly recommend me a driver that supports this engine and maybe in addition tell me why you chose it? I'm really trying to understand how to pick one so I don't have to ask in the future!

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Kind of important is how much WORK do you expect the stepper motor to do? How much torque is needed for your project. What size of steps are necessary for YOUR project and how many per revolution of the motor?
Do you expect the motor to HOLD it's position for very long?

5A is too high for a cheap driver, beyond single integrated circuit, perhaps the best bet is one of the cheap and cheerful stepper drivers like a Gecko drive or similar.

Why a large stepper motor? What are you doing?

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