Driver for Arduino Mega 2560 fail to install for win 8.1 [nvm found post]

So i recently got a win 8 machine, and i can't seem to get it to want to install the driver, each time i follow the instructions of "update driver" it get's to a point where it knows it's a mega 2560, but it says it failed to install, stating "A problem was encountered wile attempting to add the driver to the store."

I also tried to use what Arduino linked to the FTDI driver manufacture page to get that up to date.

Maybe someone else already had this issue, and i'm sorry for not looking hard enough if there is an easy solution out there, a little frustrated on the time i wasted trying to trouble shoot from what i knew and could find.

Edit: NVM sorry, found a thread with a solution, if only i spent 30 sec searching the first page.

Too bad you just said never mind instead of posting the solution. I've been looking for hours and have yet to find a solution that works.