Driver for Hybrid Stepper Motor

Im new to motors...

Can I use HG7881 (L9110) Dual Channel Motor Driver Module to drive 2 phases hybrid stepper motor?

DFRobot also appear to be new to motors, they list the motor's torque as 3.5kg, which
is meaningless. Probably meant kgf-cm.

That module drives upto 0.8A, whereas that motor wants 1.7A, so no.

1.7A is tricky, its basically beyond the capability of most single-chip
chopper drivers (you want a chopper driver, not H-bridges for such a low
impedance motor, BTW).

The best bet is something like the DRV8825 -

Above 1.7A a proper stepper drive unit with discrete MOSFETs is the real (but
more expensive) solution. These are available upto 10A or so, for larger steppers.