Driver installation - "The location you specified does not exist"

Hey all,

I'm trying to install the Arduino Uno drivers for Windows 8.1. I have downloaded the latest version of Arduino 1.0.5 on the website which has the drivers for Windows 8.1 included in it. The problem is when I try to insert the location of the arduino.inf file into the device manager, I get an error: "The location you specified does not exist or could not be reached." I tried copying the arduino.inf to desktop and C:\ directories and select them from there but I get the same error. Perhaps the pictures below can explain it a bit more.

So in the below picture you can clearly see arduino.inf is in the correct path:

But in the below picture, you can see that when I try to get device manager to see this is where the drivers are it gives me an error:

How can I get it to recognize the driver? Thanks in advance!