Driver MC33926 Help

Hello everyone ,
I have a dual driver motor (
I do not know how to use it. I need a wiring diagram to Arduino Duemilanove but with PWM. Other drivers works well. We found good indications. Please help me!
Thanks for all !

Is there anything you need to know not explained by Pololu - Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier ?

Hello Mark ,
Thanks for reply and info.
I am connected :
Arduino -- Driver
Digital 2 to M1-IN1
Digital 4 to M1-IN2
Digital 3 to M1/PWM/D2 inverted

Digital 7 to M2-IN1
Digital 8 to M2-IN2
Digital 6 to M2/PWM/D2 inverted

SLEW and INV = no necessary
EN , M1FB , M1SF , M2FB , M2SF = NC
VIN , VDD and GND = corect connected
M1 PWM(inverted)/D1 and M2 PWM(inverted)/D1 = i have NC

Is corect my connection? Sorry if I misunderstood the link. My English is not perfect
Thanks !

hello Nelu did you solve the problem if you did how? Would you help me, too?