Driver+Power Supply combination

Hi there,
i wonder if I could worriless use my Pololu TB67S249FTG Stepper Motor Driver Carrier in pair with my MeanWell DR-120-24 power supply to power up my Nanotec ST4118L1206 Stepper motor.
Thanks for the help.

It looks, to me, like those components can work well together.

Stepper 1.2A / phase
Power supply 24V @ 5A
Driver 10-45V, 1.7A continuous

Be sure to follow the instructions for adjusting the motor current on this page ( the link in your post for the driver did not work for me).

Thanks for the response,
i was worried about toasting my Pololu driver with the 5 Amp Power Supply

You won't hurt anything with a supply that can provide more Amps (current) than is needed. It could be a jillion Amps and as long as the voltage is within specification it would be OK. The driver will pull only what current that is needed. You can, certainly, damage the driver with more voltage than it is specified for, but your 24 Volt supply is within the 10 to 45 Volt spec so no worries there.