Driver problem

so I just got the Arduino and installed the folder with the drivers and other stuff. I was told to plug in the arduino and install the drivers so I plug it in and click the install from specific location and I pick C: arduino-0022/drivers/ FTDI USB drivers and when I click next it says that the hardware was not in stalled because the wizard can not find the necessary software please help!

0019 installs the drivers folder is the driver of a

Which Arduino board are you using? If it's the Uno, use the "arduino-0022/drivers" directory, not the "FTDI USB drivers" sub-directory. You just need to point Windows at the .inf file in the former, as it actually uses a pre-installed (standard) driver.

This sounds like the XP .inf file problem which exhibits itself on some installations of XP and later Arduino Boards (Uno/Mega 2560):

this fixed it thanks all