driver.send hangs using RadioHead on Trinket

I am trying to send information from a Trinket 5V (to another Trinket) via 433MHz RF. I am using the RadioHead library. I have read the information in the RH_ASK header file. As such, I am loading the program onto the Adafruit Trinket 8 MHz board.

It shouldn’t get any more basic than this. And yet, I cannot even get the bare-bones example to run. The LED lights once only; what limited trouble-shooting I can do tells me the problem is the driver.send line; when I comment it out, the program loops.

Why is the program hanging on the driver.send command?
Note that SPI.h is commented out: I cannot get the program to compile unless it is omitted.

// ask_transmitter.pde
// Implements a simplex (one-way) transmitter with an TX-C1 module

#include <RH_ASK.h>
//#include <SPI.h> "Not actually used but needed to compile" but compilation fails if NOT commented out

RH_ASK driver;
//RH_ASK driver(2000, 4, 3);
//Trinket D3 (pin 2) for Tx, D4 (pin 3) for Rx

void setup()
    pinMode(1, OUTPUT);

void loop()
    digitalWrite(1, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(1, LOW);
    const char *msg = "hello";
    driver.send((uint8_t *)msg, strlen(msg));

(FYI–hardware wiring: I have Trinket’s ground also going to the transmitter’s pin 1 (ground); I have connected PB3 (and PB4 and PB2 in desperation) to pin2 of the transmitter, the data line; and the 5V of the Trinket to pin3 of the transmitter. The power to the Trinket is coming from the USB).

Did you discover a solution to this? I am having a similar problem.


Comment out:

RH_ASK driver;

And change it to:

RH_ASK driver(2000, 3, 0);

The command says initialize the RadioHead ASK driver, 2000 baud, pin 3 receive, pin 0 transmit. Or there abouts.

Hook up to 5V (if it is a 5V trinket), ground and pin #0 for transmission. Pin 3 is taken up logically but does nothing in your case.

The basic library takes up a shed load of space, about 81% of memory. Rock solid once configured right.