Driver software can't be found Windows 7 UNO (Freetronics Eleven)

I've directed the driver updater to look in the driver folder (not the FTDI USB folder) for drivers and it just isn't finding them. Both the MEGA 2560 and UNO ini files are there but no joy. I've tried letting Windows find them online and as expected it didn't. The Com ports are reporting having the most up to date driver. Running Windows 7 in 64 bit on an i7 860 with 8G RAM Version 0022 of Arduino software Using a Freetronics Eleven which is an Aussie made "100% Uno compatible" board.

I really have searched the forums and FAQ's for info. I've read Getting Started with Arduino by Massimo Banzi.

I'm a complete newb at this but I've an 8 solenoid circuit on my breadboard and a program I've written to run it ready to go.

Please help me find the (probably simple) solution to my problem.


The driver file and install instructions are here on the site, hope this helps! :)



Marc, I am having the same exact problem as previously posted. I followed the instructions on the website, and stil having no luck. Please Help!

Can someone post a preferences.txt file from a working Mega 2560? Also, any other file that affects the behavior of the board. Thanks.

I seem to be having the same issue. Previously using a Deulimanove just fine, switched to an Arduino UNO R2 and I don't see the driver (only the FTDI USB folder). From the Device manager, it shows up under "other devices," not Ports (COM & LPT). I have 2 new boards and I have tried them on 3 different machines, 2 running Win7 and one w/ XP. I hope it was ok to jump in this thread???


The solution is simple;

Follow this directory path:

arduino-0022\drivers In the drivers folder, create a new folder and name it as the driver for your board (Arduino UNO) for example. You must've noticed a notepad file in the drivers folder named Arduino UNO(or any other controller name). Cut that file and paste it in the newly created folder.

Follow the sequential steps involved in order to install your drivers (this time when you go for selecting the directory path, select the newly created folder and click OK)

Your driver will be installed successfully :)


Hi all,

Using the freetronics eleven - when downloading the .inf file with firefox the doc gets converted to a straight .txt so windows won't see it as a driver. Download the .zip from the freetronics website instead: