Driver software not found


Recently my computer got a pretty nasty virus and I had to let the experts work on it. They installed malware bytes, and a few other programs. When I got my computer back Microsoft was no longer on my computer so I had to re-install it. I am now trying to get back to my arduino project, but the program isn’t finding an arduino is connected.

The arduino is coming on, and the program that was programed on the arduino before the computer was fixed is working as it should, but the IDE isn’t picking up the arduino is connected. In fact, when I click tools, the serial port option is faded.

The attachment shows device manager. It sees the arduino, but says “unknown device” when I click on it, it says I need to update driver software and it gives me two options, 1. to let windows search my computer and internet to find the file, 2. to search myself (see attachment2) when I click option 1 it trys to search online for the software, but ultimately says windows couldn’t find the software (see attachment 3). When I try to search manually, I have no idea what to even search for.

I have both a mega2560, and an uno. Both are having the same problems. I also tried using the 1.0.6 IDE and the 1.5.8 IDE

Can someone lead me through the process of getting windows to recognize my Arduino again please?