Driver support system

Hi! i am working in a project and i am a little lost. I hope you could help me.

Specifically, i need to incorporate a system independent of the driver. When the driver starts the car, arduino should start too (well this part is not independent exactly). Then, with gpx files that i have that indicate some points in the route, a voice alert system should indicate to the driver that the point is coming close at X distance. Also, indicate when a geofencing is close. So, Arduino should work with a GPS and the stored data (gpx files). I am not sure how to implement this. I was even thinking in work with an APP mobile.

I hope you could help me.

Start by adding a GPS module to your Arduino. Find a library that will interpret the GPS messages for you.

Then add an SD Card module to your Arduino. Practice with the SD library reading your file. You might want to add an XML library to make the parsing easier.

Now you have your current position and data from your GPX file and you need to decide what to do. Perhaps finding the nearest point on the track to the current position would be a good start.

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