When I connect my (genuine) Arduino UNO to my laptop USB port the driver does not load. I have downloaded the Windows Installer version of the IDE. Even when I go into Device Manager and "Update Driver" it cannot find "arduino.inf" in the Drivers folder. I am running Win 7 64 bit OS. I did see a reference to "RunOnce" in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_SOFTWARE ...... in an older help file but the website link was broken! Would appreciate help on this.

Run Once entries are usually nothing to be worried about and can be part of many different programs.

Depending on where you purchased your Arduino you may need to download another driver that is not included in the IDE.

Have you tried installing the CH340 drivers (not included with the IDE)

The drivers for REAL Arduinos are locates in C:\program Files (x86}\Arduino\Drivers\

Hi. It's better to install Arduino software and take note to check in Install USB driver during installation setup. That's all.

Good point paiblaspebill.

However that never includes all the drivers available for all the variations of the Arduinos.

In this case the OP referred to a

(genuine) Arduino UNO

, so the “normal” driver would do until he buys a clone.

The "Genuino" name and "genuine" are and have been transposed more than once and confused with what is in the IDE and a clone.