driverproblem after installing 1.0.5 on win7

Just installed 1.0.5 (using the windows installer) and it gave me driver trouble.

When I plug in my UNO R3, it simply refuses to recognize it.

I ask it to let me update the driver, browse to the right folder, and it just tells me that “your driver do not need updating”.

How do I kill the installed driver to let me reinstall it?

Ard 1.0.5 driver.jpg


Now it is working again (in the computers USB-port)!

It looks like it either refuses to work through my USB-hub… or that my USB-hub has decided to die at the same time that I installed 1.0.5

Powered hub?


I got it from one of the IT-guys at work.
No model designation, seems to be rather obscure.

I’ll playsome more with it tomorrow.

Looks like the manufacturer no longer makes it...

Were I in your shoes, I would drop it in the trash / recycle and get a decent powered hub.