Drivers didn't load on Windows install for non admin acct

How do I install the drivers with a non admin account?

I installed the Windows install for non admin users and the Arduino program seemed to install correctly, I can open it and open sketches and compile them fine. But when I plug in to my Arduino Uno, the drivers do not seem to be there to allow it to be recognized and I can't install them without admin privileges (which I don't have). Is there another way to install the drivers (like how I installed the program)? Normally I wouldn't have been able to install the program, either.

I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise on a Dell laptop.

I don't know what to try, any help would be appreciated.

Do you know which drivers you need ?

If its a true Arduino the drivers are in the drivers folder inside the IDE folder.
C:Program Files (x86)\Arduino\Drivers

Otherwise you might need the CH340 if its a clone just google those its easy.

I would always recommend install as Admin for drivers as I have seen windows roll back drivers when not done from admin which can be a PITA.